VO2 Performance Training

VO2 Performance Training

VO2 Performance Training

One goal that is commonly squeezed into our springtime  schedule is to “Get in shape”. This is actually a very broad term that most will use to describe a decrease in the percentage of body fat. In this blog post, however, we will be discussing how to get into “performance-based” shape by increasing your maximal cardiorespiratory efficiency “aka” VO2 max. Oxygen is needed to produce energy; the harder you exercise the more oxygen you use in order to produce adequate energy for the physical demand. When the demand for energy can’t be met by the upregulation of oxygen diffusing into the muscle, performance will plummet. Everybody has a maximum level (their VO2 max), where Oxygen utilization is at its peak. Here are a few ways to increase VO2 max levels and cardiorespiratory efficiency overall.

  1. Long slow distance run (70% maximal heart rate; HRmax) 15-20min
  2. lactate threshold run (85% of your HRmax) 10-15min
  3. 15/15 interval running (15 s of running at 90-95% HRmax followed by 15 s of active resting at 70% HRmax) (perform 5 times) (add 1 interval each week)
  4. 4 x 4 min of interval running (4 min of running at 90-95% HRmax followed by 3 min of active resting at 70%HRmax).

Note: Ideally should be performed 3 days/week for 8 weeks.



30 April 2018


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