Getting Faster by Lifting Heavier?

Getting Faster by Lifting Heavier?

Heavy Strength Training Improves Running and Cycling Performance

For years, there have been so many misconceptions about strength training and how it may or may not benefit endurance athletes. Well let’s be clear, the more research done, the more evidence we find that strength training has as many benefits for runners and cyclists as it does for power athletes such as sprinters and football players. In a recent study looking at female endurance cyclists and runners it was found that heavy strength training with loads performed between 4 to 10 repetition maximum (RM) had the following benefits:

  • Improved exercise economy       
  • Improved speed
  • Improved lactate threshold
  • No increases in body mass
  • Improved anaerobic capacity
  • Delayed fatigue during performance

Source: Vikmoen, O., Rønnestad, B. R., Ellefsen, S., & Raastad, T. (2017). Heavy strength training improves running and cycling performance following prolonged submaximal work in well‐trained female athletes. Physiological reports, 5(5).


30 March 2018


Fitness, Sports Performance