Sitting Isn't Really Bad For You!

Sitting Isn't Really Bad For You!

Sitting has really got a bad rap the last few years as a major health risk. Particularly for the spine. When in fact, it’s really never moving that is bad for you. Avoiding exercise and lack of movement is the real culprit. Having a standing desk is not going to make you move anymore either. You’re simply going to stand still instead of sit still. Sitting for prolonged periods of time will decrease mobility, deactivate our core muscles, glutes, scapular retractors and rotator cuff leading to weak, tight muscles. 

2 tips to overcome the effects of sitting inactivity:

  1. Each hour get up and move- walk around the house or office for 3- 4 minutes
  2. Utilize reverse posturing- This basically means reversing the posture that you use when sitting several hours per day by doing the following exercises throughout the day:

sitting isnt bad


20 March 2018


Physical Therapy, Fitness